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NetApp DataONTAP PowerShell Module

This project was prior to the availability of the DataONTAP module by NetApp. You can use this to learn how to make the Web API calls to DataONTAP, but it is strongly recommended that you use the official DataONTAP module by NetApp.

Project Description
PowerShell script library that interacts with the NetApp Manage OnTAP SDK services.

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Use gci function:Get-Na*Help | Select Name for the help functions.

Example Usage:
 # Load the library from the current directory.
 . .\NetApp.Management.System.ps1

 $filer = New-NaServer -server "TOASTER" -credentials (Get-Credential)

 # Set the OnTAPI version to use with the API
 $filer.Version = Get-NaSystemOnTAPIVersion -server $filer

 Get-NaSystemVersion -server $filer
 Get-NaSystemInfo -server $filer

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